AS A FOURTEEN-YEAR LEGISLATOR, member of the Senate Education Committee, and a mom, SEN. BETHANY HALL-LONG understands that the number one issue for any parent is their kids’ future. Delawareans from Blades to Brandywine work hard and sacrifice so that their kids can grow up safe, happy, and prepared for a world that changes faster every day—and they deserve elected officials who understand and share their commitment.

We can’t have that conversation without talking about education. A child’s education is a predictor not only of their ability to find a good job, but the likelihood that they will come into contact with the criminal justice system, the neighborhood they’ll live in, and even their lifespan. In essence, a good education is one of the central pillars for a stronger, healthier Delaware.

DURING HER TIME IN THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Bethany has sponsored more than 1,000 pieces of legislation. Her efforts on education have ranged from sponsoring HOUSE BILL 12, which would ensure that every public school in Delaware has access to a school nurse, to co-sponsoring SENATE BILL 213, or “Erin’s Law,” legislation recently signed by Gov. Markell that develops a curriculum on personal bodily safety and signs of child abuse for faculty, parents, and students in K-6 classrooms.

BETHANY’S EDUCATION PLATFORM comprises three vital steps to develop a world-class education system: recognizing and cultivating educator impact; setting up students for success; and preparing Delaware’s students for careers and college.


EVERYTHING FROM POVERTY TO INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES AFFECTS the quality of a child’s education. But the research is clear: the single biggest in-school factor in a child’s education is the person at the front of the class. Educators hold the most impactful position in our classrooms, and therefore in our state and our nation’s future.

THE COUNTRY’S BEST education systems rely on a highly-trained workforce as the engine behind their success. Delaware needs to attract and retain the best and most dedicated of these professionals, and to that end must commit to several key enhancements to its educator salary scale.

WITH OVER 1,000 sponsored bills in her legislative career, Bethany was recently named the General Assembly’s most productive legislator. Her work ethic and years of experience have shown her firsthand the challenges that Delaware faces—and the solutions to move us forward.

AS LT. GOVERNOR, Bethany will advocate to:


DELAWARE HAS MADE IMPORTANT PROGRESS in improving its high school graduation rates, but our student achievement gap persists. Research shows that students with the greatest need will struggle to succeed without early identification and deep interventions from highly-skilled educators—not only in the K-12 system, but beginning at the pre-kindergarten level.

“Improving our schools is key to a stronger, healthier Delaware—but there is no silver bullet for the challenges we face. Whether you’re in Wilmington or Farmington, education is an all-hands-on-deck community effort. If we’re serious about reform, then we need to engage and address the needs of multiple populations: students, educators, parents, job-seekers, and employers.”

-Sen. Bethany Hall-Long

BETHANY WAS PROUD to support the development of Delaware’s early childhood education framework, and knows that it is our state’s best opportunity to tackle the achievement gap. Bethany’s education platform calls for Delaware to: